ICABBE Program

ICABBE Program

2024 International Conference on Advances in Biomedicine and Biomedical Engineering (ICABBE2024)

October 28-30, 2024  Naples Italy
ICABBE2024 / Program

ICABBE2024 Program

Conference Program

1. Time Zone
All conference time will be conducted in Italy Local Time (UCT +1h).
2. Arrival and check-in:
October 27-28, 2024.
3. Full conference days:
October 28-29 (Monday-Tuesday), 2024.
4. Academic visit:
October 30, Wednesday 2024
5. Program
Program at a Glance are listed below, the detailed program with specific sessions and presentations will be released later and all participants will be notified. 

Conference Program at a Glance

On-site registration & check-in
One day before the conference day (4-5 PM October 28; and 8-9 AM October 29), and in the morning of the conference day.

First day

Welcome Ceremony & Plenary Session
Session I:
Biomolecules and complex biochemical systems
Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and biomedicine
Session II:
Biomaterials, bionanotechnology and biosynthesis
Natural products and their applications
Session III:
Computational biology, bioinformatics and gene editing
High throughput screening and bioactive substance development
Session IV:
Application of Biotechnology in Agriculture, Food Science, Nutrition and Health

Second day

Session I:
Comprehensive Application of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Science
Session II:
Comprehensive Application of Biotechnology in Pharmacology and Biomedicine (II)

Session III:
Agricultural sustainability and Environmental Biotechnology

Session IV: 
Opening discussion

Poster Presentation

Closing remarks

Third day

1. Academic visit to ICB-CNR
2. Academic visit to University of Naples